The Writer Awards

Honoring the best online writers of 2017. Nominate before 12/31/17

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Celebrating the best online writers!

With so many talented writers online, we wanted to and support them! Writing is hard work. Takes time and effort to develop. Today we want to celebrate that. Congratulations to AvaViolet for winning the 2016 Writer Awards!

Nominate the writers you love!

There are two ways to nominate. Either fill out their email or tag them in a tweet at the link above. Click here to nominate! Get nominated? Click here to accept your nomination! You must accept to win!

Top 5 Overall Will Honored On Large Social Media Accounts

The writers with the most nominations will win! The top 50 will all be given exclusive badges for their website or blog.

The winners will be honored in recognition on some big writing social media accounts. We are also working with some partners for additional prizes. If you want to support these amazing writers, tweet at us!!

Best Bloggers of 2017

Our review went through thousands of blogs to honor some of the best blogs of 2017 for books, authors, and film! We are excited to share them below. If you are a writer or filmmaker trying to find more content or work with a blog, here are your perfect lists. More results to come and will be shared below. Have more blogs to suggest for next year? Email us!